Fazlani Foods’ new brand ‘Eatistaan’, brings the best of authentic Indian food to the Middle Eastern and European audience. With a range of delectable Indian curries, pickles, chutneys and cooking pastes, Eatistaan offers a taste of rich Indian food to its consumers, who are residents of the Middle East. Using state of the art technology to package all the variants of these ready to eat meals, the products meet the highest international quality standards.


  • Branding
  • Packaging Design
Client Fazlani Exports
Industry F.M.C.G.
Creative Director Harnish Shah
Junior Designer Akanksha Kumar
Eatistaan - Your Food Destination


As the customers are based in the Middle East; and as a brand that offers Indian food, we felt that incorporating Islamic elements in the Logo would make customers feel more comfortable with what they are going to consume as the theme is close to their culture, even though the food is not.

Eatistaan - Delicious Variants
Eatistaan - Dal Makhani
Package Design

The package design follows suit of the logo, with strong islamic architectural elements like flower motifs and arches. The usage of rich colors like red and yellow, emits a vibe of royalty and nobility. The customers would perceive this as a sign that the food contained in this packaging is rich with flavour and deliciousness.

Eatistaan - Packaging Design
Eatistaan - Palak Paneer
Eatistaan - Variants

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