Are you looking for a well designed publication that conveys your message quickly?

Build a creative design in a magazine for the people to interact with your brand


Understanding the brand

Understanding the brand and researching the genre thoroughly Eg. Fashion, Kids, Technology etc.


Identifying the grid

The basic building blocks are built that lay the foundation for the publication project


Publication Visual Story

A story that links the core of the publication issue is identified


Plan the tone of voice

The content language and flow is considered before laying down the visual treat


Implement the Feedback (if any)

After the your assessment, we ensure to every feedback is implemented


Design the Cover

The main page is designed keeping in mind all the elements and content of the internal pages of the magazine

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Publication Design Agency

Publication design is not only about the cover design, it is about everything in the magazine, from the choice of fonts to the placement of each word on the page. It requires all the components to be well-placed, where each element is important and plays a big role in the experience of the user while reading the magazine.

Publication design is a diverse area that ranges from magazines to books, to journals and so on.

Each type of publication has a different purpose, and each brand has its own look and feel and thus for every type and brand, one must have a different design.

The elements of design would vary as certain elements that the brand incorporates needs to be added. What they do have in common though, is the need for a good layout and typography.

Our Design Company’s forte is to incorporate all the required elements to create an incredible layout for any kind of publication. Our design team is experienced at handling recurring publication design projects such as magazines, journals etc.

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