Marketing Collaterals

The collection of media that is used to support the sales of a product or service is known as marketing collaterals.

The term is dubbed as marketing collateral as it runs parallel to the company's primary mode of advertising and often contains a call to action.

Collaterals should adhere to the theme of your brand.

It is generally used for advertising purposes after the company has made initial contact with its audience through other advertising means like Social Media Marketing.

The Ripple Effect:

The design of these collaterals should be such that it should provide compelling reasons why your product or service is the right for your customer and should further push them to be satisfied with their choice of picking you. The complete details of your product or service should be available for their perusal so that they can make a well informed choice and prevent later regret.

We provide you with designs for the various print material that your company would need to promote your brand, product or services in the most efficient way. Our designers and content team are experienced in creating well designed brochures, flyers, newsletters, catalogues, emailers, hoardings, standees, billboards, exhibition panels and so on.

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