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4th Wheel is a social enterprise founded in 2010. They focus on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives, based on inclusive, sustainable and participatory development while working with corporate giants. Working towards moving from charity driven giving, to focused CSR by creating effective partnerships among development entities - through research, advocacy and consultancy.

About the Project:

A company from an unconventional industry looking for an unconventional website caught our attention and we were onboard to design and develop their new mobile responsive website. The initial phase of the project saw us sitting through many brainstorming sessions to better understand the work 4th wheel does.

A thorough UX process was followed before jumping on to the UI aspect. Personas journeys, Site architecture, Mood boards etc were created. Moving through the wireframes phase, we didn’t want to move forward a style one can see on every website these days. Care was taken to make sure that the website stood apart, with distinct styling and elements.

While designing the user interface, numerous approaches were tried before zeroing on a brush stroke and bracket styling. The flow of information across the website was made easy to read, through use of icons and short sentences. As 4th Wheel operates in a specialized space, it was vital that their main offerings were easily understood and the homepage information was concise, yet giving the user an option to go to a dedicated page with detailed information, in case they wanted to know more.

Across the website, a lot of imagery has been used to reflect the work 4th Wheel does, which more often than not brings smiles on peoples faces. The mobile version of the site also was designed to reflect the brand’s work whilst also keeping the readability factor in mind. The final outcome was the right mix of design strokes, coding magic and SEO tricks that the client was happy with.


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