Retired Not Out project

Connecting senior citizens with opportunities that make the most of their experience and skills - to allow them to remain productive, feel engaged and unlock value for businesses and communities. Senior citizens can create a simple professional profile on the site. This will be used by recruiters to discover their profiles for the right jobs. They can also browse through the several jobs listed on the site and apply to them. Recruiters can discover the right seniors for their opportunities and post new opportunities which could benefit from the wisdom of experienced talent.

About the Project:

Opening doors of opportunity for senior citizens with so much talent by connecting them to the recruiters through an online portal can lead to endless possibilities. With the possibilities came its fair share of challenges, which to us proved to be the most exciting project we have worked on so far. 3 Minds Digital was tasked to do the branding, UI, UX and develop an online portal which connect the senior citizens and recruiters based in Hong Kong.

The philosophy behind ‘Retired Not Out’ highlights the journey and experience of a senior citizen and how life changes for them once they retire. The word ‘not out’ in the brand name signifies that upon retirement, one must not discontinue working altogether instead, see retirement as a new phase of life. Retired Not Out gives them access to try new things in their post-retirement phase. The brand logo symbolises this through use of a ‘comma.’ The brand colour which was finalised was orange which represents enthusiasm, creativity and happiness.

Post the branding and before we started work on the portal, we first had to understand how senior citizens consume information and their user behaviour towards using websites. This led to interesting insights like font size, placement of the CTA buttons, how they are likely to navigate a website, etc. These insights were implemented in the wireframes and the UX of the portal as we progressed. After the UX, as we moved to the UI phase of the project, the design team had to keep in mind specifics like the colours and spacing. According to research, some colours like blue are difficult for senior citizens to read compared to brighter colours like orange, red, etc.

Once the UI was done, work started on developing this complex portal which required to run multiple functions on every click. The portal has been developed using PHP and AngularJS. The portal’s front end used Angular JS 1.x giving the overall structure a more mature framework. The development of the portal saw a design based approach combined with an agile development strategy. We also used bitbucket for maintaining the repository.

Keeping in mind the complexity of the project, we took a multi-team approach for development which meant a separate team for front-end and back-end integration for a faster and timely delivery, implementation and smooth co-opoeration throughout the project. With Phase 1 live, we are now gearing up for the improvements to be done in Phase 2.

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