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Klassroom, a revolutionary startup in the education field, intends to solve the problems of parents and students of Mumbai by discovering quality educational coaching classes/private tutor at affordable fees and at various locations. Today, students in India are suffering from one of the two problems since a long  time and had to choose only one of the desirable things, namely cost or quality. If a student has to manage costs, the only option that he/she has, is choosing a crowded classroom with lesser attention drawn at him.

About the Project:

Klassroom solves this problem and connects students to tutors and coaching classes. 3 Minds Digital worked with Klassroom to create a seminal brand identity and packaging design for the brand. Our approach started with an aim to create a brand experience that showcases its transformative role in the lives of students and expand its ability to reach new audiences.

The logo consists of the two most universal components in the field of education, a shield and a fountain pen. A shield design communicates stability, protection, longevity and confidence while a fountain pen is a symbol of literacy and legacy. In a nutshell, they both provide a broad communicative reach. Moreover, they give a dignified feel to the brand. We did this to combine the intuitive immediacy of symbols and metaphors with strategic thinking to integrate information that helps the logo have a certain recall value.

With an emphasis drawn on establishing a very unique visual design for Klassroom, our inclination was always towards keeping the recall value of all the elements high enough by incorporating relatable elements.


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Brand Identity
Packaging Design

Along with the primary logo, extensions in the form of Maths, Science, JEE and Commerce were also created.  This is a dynamic identity and the same form of the core logo has been incorporated in the extensions as well. In this way, each stream has its own unique identity and colour associated with it.

We also developed a colossal icon set for Klassroom. Icons are compact and fast to recognize. It is of utmost importance for every brand to have an icon set uniquely associated with it. For Klassroom, the shield was an element people would recognise the brand width, and hence the same was taken into consideration while designing its icons. All the icons below were first tested for recognizability and memorability . Just like the logo, even icons are ownable elements for Klassroom.

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